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The Pisces hands will also be tiny, fragile, and exquisitely formed-or else big ham bones that look as though they belong behind a plow.

The skin is silky soft; the hair is fine, often wavy, and usually light (though you'll find a goodly number of brunette fish).

Of course, every Pisces who drinks a pousse-cafe doesn't become an alcoholic, but the percentage is higher than it ought to be.

The fish was born with the desire to see the world through rose-colored spectacles.

He's even more indifferent to insults, recriminations and other people's bristling opinions.

Where is the angel who will support him while he splashes canvases with glory?

You'll be impressed with the Piscean charm of manner and lazy good nature.

He's indifferent to most limiting restrictions, if they don't rob him of his freedom to dream and feel his way through life.

You'll have better luck if you wander into a spiritual seance, visit an art gallery, walk through a convent or a monastery, attend a concert or catch a floor show in a nightclub.

You might check an Authors League meeting, drop backstage after a play, or try some sunbathing on a yacht The chances are you'll come up with a pretty good catch in any of those streams of life.

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Pisces eyes are liquid, heavy-lidded, and full of strange lights. The features are elastic and mobile, and you'll usually find more dimples than wrinkles. It can be a love of ice water, the habit of a dozen cups of tea or coffee a day, a hankering for soda pop-or a yen for something stronger.

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